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(Schedule is tentative and subject to changes)

Thursday, April 4th St. Luke's Gul burger Nite - (Advanced Ticket Sales Only)

Monday, May 27th (Memorial Day) Free Hot Dog Day at Laraine's Landing

Thursday, July 4th Independence Day! Free Hot Dog Day!!

Saturday, July 27th 16th Annual Gul-Burg Day @ Meinke Marina!!

Sunday, August 4th 29th Annual West Sister Charter Boat Association Fishing Tournament

Saturday, August 10th 11th Annual Meinke Marina Rib-Off

Saturday, August 24th Meinke Marina's 40th Anniversary Celebration!

Saturday, August 31st 12th Annual Treasure Hunt/Garage Sale
Free Hot Dog Day!
Golf Cart Drive-In at the Maintenance barn by the pond. Movie begins at 9:30pm.
Unleaded:  $3.859/Gal.
Diesel:  $3.059/Gal.
Rates Subject to Change.
Last Updated: Sep 2, 2019
Hours may vary at the
discretion of the marina

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